Sunday, 10 April 2016

I'm Specsy and I know it

You've probably gathered from my last post that I'm a glasses wearer. For about the past year or so, I've always bought my glasses from Glasses Direct because, a) they are a bit cheaper than high street opticians, b) I love their London Retro line. 

So, about 3 weeks ago I went for my routine eye test and the optician advised me that I would now need to start wearing my glasses all the time (they'd previously only been for driving and watching TV and stuff), because my eyes had got worse. Also, because I've been having some frequent headaches of late, he suggested that my beloved retro frames could be to blame because they are a little heavier and that I might want to consider something more lightweight. 
Glasses Direct retro glasses
My current London Retro Babs

I was directed to a stand of 'frameless' frames. The sort that are invisible on your face. My heart sank and I got out of the opticians as soon as I could. 

So I shopped around for a week or so, looking at glasses that I might like just as much as London Retro's Babs frame, but it wasn't happening. Then over Easter, I realised something, I had my glasses on all the time and I didn't get a headache. There an then I decided to flout the opticians advise, and I got back on to Glasses Direct and ordered EXACTLY the same glasses as the ones I already have, just in the tortoiseshell colourway instead. 
London Retro Babs glasses
My New London Retro Babs Glasses

I also opted for the transitions lenses so they would darken in the sunlight, and having worn them out yesterday to go shopping, I can't recommend that lens enough. It's so good to not have to think about changing out glasses when you go in and out of shops. 

Retro glasses
The transitions lenses in action

Since Glasses Direct do a free second pair too, I plumped for the London Retro Eliza for days when I'm feeling less flamboyant too. 

I adore my Babs glasses, both colourways, and they such a part of my identity that I couldn't envisage going for something else as my day to day specs. I'm glad I stuck to what I wanted. 


  1. I'm a big London retro fan, too! Yours look fab. Thank goodness you paid no attention to the optician who blamed your specs for your headaches, he sounded like he was just after your money. xxx

  2. They're really nice!!!!!!! I'd be tempted!!x


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