Monday, 16 May 2016

Blowing in the wind

Despite the myriad of weather forecasters predicting doom and gloom over the weekend, the blustery but sunny days weren’t nearly as bad as expected (it’s very British of me that I can’t get through a blog post without mentioning the weather, isn’t it? I feel I have to justify my activities/ clothes/ photographs with whatever the weather was doing).

It was a languid start to Saturday morning. Some gentle jazz music, sunshine pouring through the bay window, snoozing dogs and a late brunch before a failed attempt at trying to do Victory Rolls in my hair. I keep trying, and keep failing, my do looking more ‘Dracula, dead and loving it’ than Andrews Sisters. I have, by default, mastered a kind of faux victory roll now though. A runners-up prize of hairstyles which at least makes me look like I’ve attempted something. I won’t be defeated though, I will master the victory roll before this summer is out! Now I’ve said it on here, so I have to.
1940s vintage blog
The customary 'blogger selfie' and those unvictorious rolls

Enough about my hair! We took a trip over to Bridlington since the Mr. had a painting exhibited in the Artwaves exhibition at the Spa. Our first stop, however, was a little retro boutique I’d spotted on my way into Bridlington last week, and hadn’t had time to pay a visit. Angela Bare was a goldmine of Irregular Choice, Lindy Bop, Hell Bunny and all the usual suspects of vintage style dressing. I stumbled on a beautiful Hell Bunny Vixen dress and completely fell in love with its ladylike 1940s styling and the penny farthing print of the fabric. It fit like a dream, so the Mr. bought it for me. I can’t wait to wear it, and in my head I’m already thinking of all of the use it will get over the summer months.

At the Spa, the Mr’s painting was hanging in the exhibition. It’s the first one he’s had in an exhibition since going professional about a year ago, and I was so proud to see it up in a public place. It looked fantastic. We enjoyed a light lunch seated right next to ‘The Odyssey’ which, in hindsight may not have been the best place to sit and eat since, it meant we were blocking the view of the artwork, but it did give us the perfect opportunity to take some photographs. I’m sure having your first painting in an exhibition is something to celebrate, yes?

The Artist

We didn’t stay too long at the Spa, taking a walk along the blustery seafront back into town. I like Bridlington sea front, it’s lovely to look along the coast to the windmills in the distance, and it gave a pleasant backdrop to capture my 1940s inspired outfit. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of pictures by the seaside, it comes from having been land-locked for so much of my life.
That said, the wind there isn’t always conducive to good outfit shots, and whilst my trousers are wide legged, they aren’t quite as wide legged as this photo would suggest!

Vintage style blogger
shoes - New Look, Trousers - M&S, Bag - London Fog, Jacket - vintage customised

Our wander around town was fairly short lived, all I needed was a new mascara and an eyeliner, I thought it was finally time to ditch mine that I’ve been using for almost a year now. We finished off the day in a pub overlooking the harbour devouring a bowl of chips and a glass of wine… classy I know, but a pleasant finish to what had been a pleasant and relaxing day.



  1. I know, what happened to the cold snap we were warned about? Sometimes its great when they get it wrong.
    Both of you look wonderful and I don't blame you for milking the seafront photos, I'd do the same! x

  2. Fabulous outfit and for the record I still can't do victory rolls either. I just about mastered a pin curl but it's been so long I'd probably end up with a pink afro now!!

  3. You look bloomin amazing! I look forward to your Hellbunny dress!x


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