Sunday, 26 June 2016

Escape the Madness

Whether you live in the UK, or you're one of my readers from more distant shores, you can't have failed to notice the historically significant event which took place here this weekend, namely, this was the week when England and Wales (It's important to note that the rest of the UK didn't) voted to leave the EU. I'm not going to discuss politics here on the blog, it's far too frivolous a space for such debates, but needless to say I was glad to have a reprieve from the wall to wall TV footage of the UK political machine seemingly imploding in response, when Caroline invited me to meet her and Rachel for tea and cake at Love Brew cafe.

Both are local bloggers and, it was really nice just to meet some new people and, to visit a lovely cafe that I'd not been to before. I booked the day off work especially, which was fortuitous because the weather turned out to be quite lovely anyway. My conversations with Caroline and Rachel have, so far, all been over Twitter, which just goes to show how social media can bring people together. Much of our chatter over the delicious tea and scones centred on the local blogging scene, and that further afield to York and Leeds.

It was a lovely couple of hours, although I totally failed to take any photos. I'm such a bad blogger!

Vintage style blogger
Me trying to keep control of my skirt (One of the photos from the Mr's instagram)

Afterwards, I caught up with the Mr. at the seafront. We took a walk out to the lighthouse, thinking we might get some nice photos there, but alas the strong winds and my skirt didn't really mix.

designer handbag outfit
Shoes - Long tall Sally, Dress - Fever London
Belt - ASOS, Bag - Aspinal of London

In the end, we just parked ourselves outside a bar on the seafront and enjoyed a glass of wine while we watched the world go by.

UK vintage style blogger

All in all Friday was a lovely start to the weekend, albeit that it already seems like a distant memory. Have you ever met up with someone who you follow on social media, or read their blog? How did it go?

Aspinal of London


  1. Aware of what the photo may of been had you NOT been holding your skirt.. But that first picture is all kinds of perfect! :)
    I think I may of found a location to next shoot from.
    Was so lovely to meet you and LoveBrew was yummy as always. Definitely need to do lunch there sometime, but since you pointed out it was National Cream Tea day, it was only correct that we indulge. :)
    It's always great to find like-minded/hobby-minded people to talk 'shop' too.. saves boring friends and
    Will definitely get Davina in on the next.. :)


  2. You look lovely in the sunshine. I'm glad you had fun with your new found friends. Blogging is brilliant for that! xxx

  3. I have met a few people from forums, namely an Alan Rickman one and a Labyrinth one and I met my first blogger last year, but for the most part I'm nowhere near the meet ups I read about x


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