Sunday, 31 July 2016

Culture Vulture: July

Today’s blog post is going to be the first in a regular monthly series where I share books I’ve been reading, shows or films I’ve been to see, exhibitions I’ve visted, music I’ve been listening to as well as my favourite blog post from the previous month. There won’t always be something in each category, it will all depend on what I’ve been doing in the previous month, but I like these sort of monthly recap blog posts on other blogs I read, so I thought it would be nice to start doing my own.

Book: Red Queen; The Authorized Biography of Barbara Castle – Anne Perkins
As someone with very socialist views, I’ve been meaning to read this autobiography for some time. This autobiography looks at the interesting and ground breaking life of a woman who, in my view, set the standard for women in politics. Whilst Castle was a formidable socialist MP, the biography paints a picture of colourful character who, whilst striving to be an equal opponent in the very male dominated arena of the House of Commons, was also keen to stay connected to her femininity too. I found this book inspirational and extremely interesting as well as being exceptionally well written. My only real criticism is that there were areas of the book where it felt more like a history of the Labour party rather than a biography, nonetheless if you’re looking for an interesting and inspirational biography to read, then I recommend this one.

Book: What would Grace do? – Gina McKinnon
This one is an altogether more frivolous book than the other one I was reading. The sort that you can just pick up when you have a spare 10 minutes and want to read a short chapter about one of Hollywood’s classic icons. Not really a biography, the book does delve into the life of the actress and princess, but really on a more superficial level to try to impart life lessons for modern ladies. Nothing too taxing, and really not rocket science since we all (should) know that standing with good posture and basic manners will always be appreciated. That said, what this book did reveal was how much Princess Grace ‘created’ herself. Something which I think is true of many classic and modern celebrities, they go through the world with intent, making choices not only about their career paths but even the image they convey and the style they adopt in all areas of their life. It takes a lot of discipline, but stars such as Grace, Dita and even Marilyn Monroe show how well it can work. All in all, this was what I would term a nice book. It looks pretty, and the information contained within is very lighthearted, but for someone like me who loves all things vintage and glamorous, it’s a nice one to have on my bookshelf.
Blog post of the month: How to be Chic – How to Create a Calm and Joyous Life
I’ve only recently discovered the blog, ‘How to be Chic’ but it’s very much the sort of lifestyle blog that I love. The sort that makes you think, and even adapt your life in the smallest of ways in order to bring a sense of order, simple luxury and happiness to your life. In particular this month I loved the post ‘How to Create a Calm and Joyous Lifewhere the author Fiona Ferris examines the small changes you can make in your life that can so easily be overlooked, but which create really niggling worries at the back of your mind, disturbing your sense of calm and serenity. If you haven’t found Fiona’s blog already then I’d really recommend you paying a visit.

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  1. Hi Louise, thanks so much for mentioning my blog, and I'm very happy that this post was enjoyable for you.

    I have the sister book to 'What would Grace do?' and it's called 'What would Audrey do?' I agree on your review that these books are nice reminders, and I especially love the thought of stars creating themselves. Sometimes I expect to become my most ideal self without effort, but no, it requires that I focus and edit, dream and create. Another good reminder :)


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