Sunday, 23 October 2016

Starting the Holistic Journey

Life is a funny thing. It seems to be a journey where you lose yourself to later rediscover yourself, having grown and developed a new true and authentic self along the way. No denying, we are all influenced by our surroundings, the messages we receive as we are bombarded by media day in day out, and the people who we allow to be in our lives. It's easy to get caught up in all of these messages and influences.

Recently, I’ve been paying more attention to some of the holistic lifestyle interests that I had a good many years ago, some even before I was married, which have over the years become diluted, or lost in the maelstrom of everyday existence. I feel like I’m learning again, finding my way around the knowledge I once had but that which has become stale and stagnant from a lack of attention.

I used to be passionate about Aromatherapy, and even took an introductory Aromatherapy and Massage course about 10 years ago. I still have the original book that I bought for that study, which has proved invaluable over the years, but last week I made a concerted effort to revisit my favourite website for buying essential oils, and to stock up, not just on the basics that I believe are core to any aromatherapists’ first aid kit, but a few extras to treat some specific conditions too. It felt so good to receive the package filled with glass bottles full of fragrant wonder, and to start blending again, adding different oils to my daily skincare routine too, treating both my skin and my mind.

In the interests of continuously growing and learning, I also enrolled onto a distance learning course in a subject that I have always had more than a passing interest in, crystal healing. I’ve had more than one person raise an eyebrow when I’ve told them I’m doing this, but I don't care what the thoughts of others are, this is about me and about what I want to do. I have long held the belief that the energies contained within crystals can be used for our own health and wellbeing, and it’s fascinating learning about the chakras, colour association, crystal vibrations and so on.

More books that I’ve unearthed from my dusty shelves have been my herbal books, and I’m putting together a shopping list of some basic herbs that I want to start using. I think if I had my time again, I probably would have trained as a herbalist. I find it fascinating and I do believe that nature provides us with many of the materials to heal our bodies and minds, if only we are open to looking.

There are areas that I’m still working on too, these interests will always be a growth experience, and I look to develop in other areas too. I still dabble with yoga, I’d like this to develop to more than dabbling, and meditation is something I have an interest in too. I find podcasts to be a wealth of
useful thought and my particular current favourite is The Awakened Goddess Show with Angela Wilkinson, which is strong on empowering women in all areas of their life. It was after listening to a recent episode of this that I became aware of how out of touch with our own nature women have
become. This has subsequently led to a few books appearing on my Amazon wishlist that I’m really looking forward to finding the time to read.

It sounds like a lot doesn’t it? The whole point with taking a more holistic approach to life, however, is to use as many of the tools available to us as possible and treating the whole mind, body and spirit, not just one malaise. Despite having all of these interests before, I still feel like I’m taking the first steps on a new journey. I’m sure that I will pick some interests up and drop others, but I have this desperate need to reconnect with my interests, and with the world around me.

I feel better for taking the decision and starting the journey, already.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Review: Bivouac at Swinton

A few weeks ago we went to meet up with our friends in the Dales, at Bivouac.

When I first moved to Yorkshire, I lived fairly near to Bivouac, which is a pretty funky glamping site and part of the Swinton estate. Populated with welcoming looking Yurts and just a short distance from the walk to Druid's Temple, the site has a lovely rustic style cafe/bar on site too, and this is where we were meeting up.

Image is the property of

Made from a selection of small buildings, and with acres of estate land behind it, it has that true rural, away from it all feel and whilst I've never actually spent a night in one of the yurts, I reckon it would be a lovely wild setting. I've often seen the tails of smoke coming out from the log burning stoves that each yurt has and wishing I was in one.

Swinton Bivouac Masham

The cafe/bar itself is cosy and inviting, with mismatched brightly painted furnishings and a great mezzanine area to sit and watch the world go by from. My only real area of complaint for this beautiful spot is that the menu itself is fairly limited, I would have liked to have seen more rustic British dishes like stews and broths, but c'est la vie, there was still enough to choose from.

That aside, the burger that I did have was very enjoyable, and there is a great range of drinks including Fentinmans and a great range of coffees too. If I was going now I think I would be sampling one of their tasty and luxurious hot chocolates.

It was a very relaxing and jovial environment with a buzz about it and made the perfect setting for a lovely afternoon spent catching up with friends. Who knows, maybe some day I will get a chance to sample one of those yurts.
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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Images of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire

I love Robin Hood's Bay. It's a mere half hour drive from me, and it's the perfect little place to go to just drink tea, eat cake and enjoy the quieter pace of life. Yesterday, I spent a perfect Autumn day there, and it doesn't really need words, so I'll share my images with you of walks around the winding cobbled streets and the windswept beach.

A perfectly relaxing way to spend the weekend.

Robin Hood's Bay Yorkshire

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Happy Birthday to .... Me!!!

So, today marks me being another year older, another year wiser, and another year surer of who I am! I know that some people dread birthdays, I love them, I like to reflect on where I am in life and how I'm feeling. This time around, I've been making like the Queen and celebrating since Thursday. Well, it only happens but once a year, so why not make the most of it. The first stop on my 4 days of birthday partying was actually one of my birthday presents from the Mr. a night at the opera. I love classical music, but I had never been to the opera before, and Carmen, what a choice.

It was absolutely phenomenal, I enjoyed it so much and even got to wear one of my other birthday presents, a vintage Japanese Kimono. I'm totally in love with this Kimono, if I could, I would wear this every day. I don't think anyone would be surprised at my turning up at the office in a Kimono, but I don't rate the practicality of getting on and off trains in it! 

Friday evening I went out for a meal in York with friends. We went to Turtle Bay, which is gorgeous West Indian food, and my friends spoiled me with a beautiful Lapis and Sugilite bracelet and some fantastic stationary. I had a lovely time, arriving home on the second but last train just a little bit tipsy. 

Then, last night, I finally got to eat at the Copper Horse in Seamer, which I have been saying I will do for a long time. We had our table booked for 8pm, and I started with one of their beautiful Espresso Martini's. It's funny, I'm not such a big cocktail drinker any more, but if I know that somewhere will prepare a fresh cocktail with quality ingredients, then it's an indulgence that I look forward to. The Copper Horse is one of those places, and the cocktail didn't disappoint. 

Espresso Martini and vintage handbag

I love the decor at the Copper Horse, it has various higgledy piggledy dining areas and perfect lighting which creates an intimate feel. The whole place is a shrine to vintage stage and screen, and even the ladies has giant pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor in them. It was the perfect setting for my little birthday meal. 

The copper horse seamer

Once we'd ordered, we were served complimentary fresh bread with amazing homemade garlic butter, and then the main courses arrived. My Salmon fillet was cooked to perfection and the potatoes were absolutely beautiful. There was just a perfect amount too, I was happily full by the end of it. 

The Mr. had a gorgeous looking vegetarian feast of leek, potato and cheese bake, which was presented so beautifully. Neither of us could contemplate a dessert, but the lovely laid back atmosphere of the pub meant that we didn't have to rush off either. 

The staff were so friendly and it's a venue that I would definitely return to another time. 

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Today, which is my actual birthday, but after the excitement of the past few days it's been a fairly understated affair. I did open my wonderful presents though which included a gorgeous new leather handbag (as you all know, I am a total handbag addict), a beautiful Dior compact mirror to add to my vast compact collection, and some other delightful gifts. It's been an absolute perfect birthday and if my year ahead is as good as this birthday has been then it will be a very happy year. 

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