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Sunday Lunch with a Sea View - White Lodge Hotel, Filey

In these dark days of winter it seems that fresh, bright, spring-like days are few and far between. When they do arrive though, I can't help but start to think of all of the opportunities that are on their way for enjoyable lunches out; Mothering Sunday, Easter or just those sunny Sundays when you just don't want to cook. It's not like there needs to be an excuse. I've found an ideal venue for just such occasions.

Standing proud on the beautiful Victorian Crescent in the quiet seaside town of Filey, the White Lodge Hotel holds an enviable position overlooking the sea.

The hotel has made the most of this by positioning its' inviting and largely glass fronted restaurant to make the maximum benefit of the wide expansive views. When we visited on Sunday and were shown to our seat at the front of the restaurant, I couldn't have been happier at the view I was set to enjoy over my Sunday lunch, not least because it was such a rare clear and sunny day.

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A perfect view for Sunday lunch

I must admit that, prior to my visit to the restaurant I was little bit concerned about the expanse of glass in the restaurant. That's a strange statement, I know, but I have been to many glass fronted restaurants before and found that they are terribly chilly and that I spend the entire visit trying to stay warm. I need not have had any such concerns for The White Lodges' restaurant, it was perfectly cosy. Decorated in a modern neutral colour scheme, they have still managed to maintain a somewhat traditional feel to the hotel and restaurant, which to my mind is absolutely perfect and emanates a warm and yet up to date feel.

The popularity of the restaurant locally was obvious since, shortly after we took our seats at 1pm, lots of other diners started to file in creating a lovely buzzing atmosphere. There's nothing worse than being the only diners in an empty restaurant. Looking at the menu, it was pretty easy to see what the attraction was. There is a great range for all tastes, including vegetarian and fish options, which can often be hard to come by on a Sunday lunch menu. Add to this the fact that all of the produce, including all of the fish, meat and poultry is sourced locally, and that a 3-course offering comes in at a reasonable £19.95 (with main only and 2-course options available too), it's hardly surprising that diners frequent this venue.

We had the same starters, a lovely light carrot and orange soup. I'm sometimes wary of ordering soup as a starter; if it's made too thick and heavy then you end up full before your main course. We had no such worries with this flavourful and light soup with the most delicious homemade croutons. The soup was perfect with a distinct taste of orange flowing through it, and whilst all of the other starter options sounded absolutely delicious, I was very pleased that I had opted for this beautiful light soup.

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A perfect soup starter

It wasn't too long before we were enjoying our main courses, and now seems an opportune time to mention the lovely service that we received at the restaurant too. The waitresses to our table were attentive without being intrusive, friendly, welcoming and accommodating. Part of the experience of eating out is always the quality of the service, and it was certainly one piece of a very pleasing jigsaw at The White Lodge.
Mouthwatering tuna steak

Back to those main courses. I'm trying to eat less meat in my diet, so I was thrilled to see a tasty and inviting fish option. The herb crusted tuna steak with parmentier potatoes and sauce vierge certainly did not disappoint. The serving was most generous, the tuna was cooked to absolute perfection and the tastes, oh my word the tastes, that herb crust was an item of taste perfection, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The vegetables, which came separately, were cooked perfectly and complimented the dish wonderfully.
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The Mr. ordered an oven roasted chicken supreme with a creamy mushroom sauce. I had a little taste, just in the interests of being able to tell you what it was like you understand, and again it was cooked to absolute perfection and looked sublime.

After such a feast, I thought I would struggle to manage a pudding too, but let it never be said that I'm a quitter. I was torn between the fresh fruit platter with lemon creme fraiche, and vanilla creme brulee with a berry compote and biscotti. In the end I plumped for the creme brulee. Creme brulee is something I'm always a little apprehensive about because they are either absolutely amazing, or really really bad. I'm pleased to report that this was the former and not the latter. The tart berry compote contrasted perfectly with the rich vanilla tastes of the brulee. I have to admit, in true bad blogger style, I took a taste before I took a photograph! I just couldn't wait to crack that caramelised sugar top... I'm sorry (I'm not really, it was delicious and I'm not ashamed!)

Creme Brulee perfection

Finally, we retired to the comfortable bar area to enjoy a rich tasty coffee in the comfort of wing back chairs, before leaving for a wander around the nearby park to walk off some of the delicious food that we had enjoyed.
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A relaxing bar area at the White Lodge Hotel

We had an absolutely lovely afternoon with perfect service, beautiful food and a stunning location and I would heartily recommend that you check out The White Lodge hotel as soon as you can.

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  1. What a lovely review, makes my mouth water just reading this! Need to pay the white lodge a visit


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