Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Old Station Tea Rooms at Cloughton

Cloughton is a pretty little village that sits just outside of Scarborough, on the road to Whitby. For years we've been passing a sign on the road out there, pointing us in the direction of the Old Station Tea Rooms, and, recently we finally took the turn off and paid it a visit.

The Old Station Tea Rooms is, you guessed it, the old railway station from many years ago when there was a line that went from Scarborough to Whitby. Long since abandoned, that line now provides a cycle/ hiking path and so the tea rooms are well frequented by walkers and cyclists seeking refreshment. 

It was a pleasant day when we visited, meaning we could take advantage of the beautiful garden seating area. I'm glad of that because, having taken a peek inside, I don't think that the cosy tea room itself would be particularly practical for a pram. 

The garden, however, is vast and flowering with beautiful cottage garden blooms. It's a delightful spot to sit and listen to the birds.

The menu is traditional tea room fayre, and the prices fairly standard. I enjoyed toasted crumpets with a very generous helping of jam, and a pot of wonderfully strong coffee. The Mr. Had tea and cake and the whole lot came to £9.

The tea room is definitely a place I would visit again, but only on a warm day. It's a nice spot to stop off at, and would make a lovely pit stop if you're travelling in the area. It's both child and dog friendly, which is always good to know.

Friday, 15 June 2018

A year ... A completely different life

Okay, so it's not actually a year since I last posted to the blog, but not far off. What a year it has been. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will already know the fantastic change that my life has taken since then, if not then, to cut a long story short, reader... I am a mother!

That's right, back in April I gave birth to my baby girl. It's been a wonderful journey, And every day there is something else to be excited about, a new gurgle, a smile, another oz of weight gained. I really am enjoying motherhood.

So, does my post here mean a return to blogging? Well, never say never but, let's be honest, if the choice is between posting a blog or gazing on the beautiful face of my baby girl then, sorry folks, blogging isn't going to win! That said, it would be nice to get back to sharing some of my life on a blog again. I've blogged on and off for 9 years now so, let's see!

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