Sunday, 4 September 2016

Outfit: Boardroom to Bar

Mostly, my outfits have a tendency towards vintage or vintage inspired. I don't favour any particular era, I love them all, but the majority of the time I will go for something with a vintage twist. I have, however, been on a diet for the past few months, and have recently hit a target of losing a whole dress size. With an invite to a work night out last weekend, I thought it the perfect opportunity to treat my new figure to a new modern dress in the right size from the sales.

My only criteria was that it was figure hugging (why hide it?) but also suitable to take me from the office all day, to going out in the evening. I had in my head the idea of a midi-dress, when I stumbled on this beauty in the Warehouse sale.

Fashion blogger

It was exactly what I was looking for. Good quality, figure flattering, neutral coloured and in my price range. It fitted perfectly and I was, understandably, pleased!

UK Fashion and lifestyle blogger

Thankfully, the weather turned out beautiful for the day which meant I didn't have to cover it up with a coat (hence the squinty faced photos). I paired it with my glamorous and yet practical gold Oushka bag and a pair of shoes from TU which I bought for last year's Christmas party.

Oushka bag

I got lots of compliments on my new dress, probably as much because this look is a departure from my usual, as for the dress itself, but it was definitely a choice well made.
Yorkshire blogger warehouse dress

I'm not looking forward to having to replace swathes of my wardrobe, or have the stuff I love tailored, but I am enjoying my new smaller sized me!


  1. Twit Twoo! You look stunning! Louise! Not that you didn't before, but you know what I mean! :)
    Love this dress, it's perfect on you. Can always reply on Warehouse sale for some decent priced good quality pieces.


  2. You look fantastic and how long is your hair now? x

    1. Not as long as yours :-) but sort of mid back length. X


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