Friday, 7 July 2017

A cultural day out in Saltaire

A few weeks ago... okay so more than a few weeks ago, I've had another one of those unscheduled breaks from blogging haven't I? So, perhaps over a month ago then, me and the Mr. went off to another one of those quaint historical West Yorkshire towns, Saltaire.

Salt's Mill

I didn't really know what to expect, I'd read various bits about Salt's Mill, and a few people had suggested it as a place to visit oh and the fact that it's a UNESCO world heritage site too, but it's really hard to visualise unless you actually go. The first place you visit when you arrive is this gigantic former linen mill. Now, when I say gigantic, you probably think I'm exaggerating, but really it was huge, beyond comprehension.

communal buildings. Once where the workers ate their shift meal, nowadays housing performances and weddings. 

Built in 1853 in the most glorious golden stone, the mill was built by Sir. Titus Salt to a previously unheard of set of building regulations that would afford the mill workers space (a commodity many of the greedy industrialists of the time were not concerned with). Around the mill and over a period of years sprung up a golden stone village with community buildings where workers would receive their shift time meals, a hospital, a beautiful church and the most glorious park.

The mill itself is pretty much a homage to all things art and craft, which as you can imagine made me and the artist jump for joy. Artists supplies, books and original Hockney artwork as far as the eye could see. On other floors were antique shops, a vast book shop and a lovely diner where we ate pizza for lunch.

I had to laugh since the Mr. usually hates a department store, but we were both happy to get lost for hours in this place, just taking it all in.

We wandered down into the village, which doesn't look real it's so idyllic, and perused tiny little indie shops before having tea and cake in a traditional tea shop. The church too was breathtaking, every detail on every building, but in particular the inside of the church, was astounding and, whilst a life working at any mill would have been hard, hard work, you couldn't help but imagine in conditions such as the ones offered at Saltaire, workers were probably far happier than they may have been in other industrial areas, working for other industrial fat cats.

Wearing: Shoes - Kickers. Bag - Gucci. Underskirt - Vintage. Dress - ? (bought in Switzerland  a few years ago); Waistcoat - can't remember, from a charity shop;
Jacket - Barbour; Hat - Barbour; Scarf - Gift

After a wander around the beautiful park, and trying to stay out of the background of the wedding photos that one happy couple were having there, we went back to the mill to take in the David Hockney exhibition on the top floor. I'd never really paid much attention to Hockney before, but after seeing his works up close I think I quite like it.

I would definitely recommend a day out at Saltaire if you are in the Bradford or Shipley area, it's quite a beautiful place to visit.

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  1. My brother went to Saltaire years ago and still raves about it, I can see why!
    Love your outfit. xxx


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