Sunday, 17 July 2016

Hand knitted Merino Wool Shawl

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While I was on leave in early June, I finally finished knitting this beautiful merino wool shawl. I got the pattern free with a knitting magazine way back at the end of last year, and originally started it back in January. Having put it to one side for far too long, I came back to it in April and couldn’t pick up from where I left off, meaning I had to unravel and restart.

That was something of a setback to me, but I resisted the urge to shelve the project altogether, not least because I’d spent over £25 on Sublime 100% merino wool (one skein project my foot). I’m usually really bad when it comes to the ‘difficult bits’ on projects like this. I’ve been knitting, in total, for less than a year, and coming across new techniques such as Russian cast offs, yarn overs and slip knits would ordinarily be enough to make me stop and decide to start a new hobby. I didn’t though, I went against my nature and decided to push through. If I’m ever going to be the good standard knitter that I aspire to be, then I have to scale these seemingly impossible techniques.

What I discovered from going against my nature on this project was that, they certainly aren’t impossible techniques, they simply require concentration and patience, oh, and YouTube. Even then, I will make mistakes, but that’s still not a reason to stop the project, but merely to take the decision whether to go back and rectify the errors, or to accept the imperfections and move on (I did both in this project). It’s strange, I usually flourish and perform at my best in the face of challenges, apart from when they are on craft projects.

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Hat - Primark; Shawl - Handmade; Top - TU at Sainsbury's; Skirt - Vintage; Bag - Vintage; Shoes - Debenhams

This is my fifth knitting project since starting, and not only am I proud of what I achieved with it, but everyone I have shown, even seasoned knitters have been genuinely impressed with it. The merino wool is a big win, given it’s so silky soft. The colour is absolutely beautiful and I have fashioned a unique garment which I know I am going to wear for years to come. It’s a really good feeling when someone compliments it, knowing that I created it, from scratch. This was the project that would either kill or encourage my love of knitting, and I’m pleased to say it’s the latter.


  1. I have to say I'm seriously impressed with this shawl, it looks fabulous!

  2. What a lovely make, well done for persevering. Loving the photos! x

  3. What a lovely shawl! Congrats on completing it! :)
    So envious of your ability to knit and make items.
    Fab pictures too, what a great day to showcase it.


  4. What joie de vivre you express in these photos! The shawl is really beautiful (AND FAB HAT!!!)x


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