Sunday, 2 October 2016

Happy Birthday to .... Me!!!

So, today marks me being another year older, another year wiser, and another year surer of who I am! I know that some people dread birthdays, I love them, I like to reflect on where I am in life and how I'm feeling. This time around, I've been making like the Queen and celebrating since Thursday. Well, it only happens but once a year, so why not make the most of it. The first stop on my 4 days of birthday partying was actually one of my birthday presents from the Mr. a night at the opera. I love classical music, but I had never been to the opera before, and Carmen, what a choice.

It was absolutely phenomenal, I enjoyed it so much and even got to wear one of my other birthday presents, a vintage Japanese Kimono. I'm totally in love with this Kimono, if I could, I would wear this every day. I don't think anyone would be surprised at my turning up at the office in a Kimono, but I don't rate the practicality of getting on and off trains in it! 

Friday evening I went out for a meal in York with friends. We went to Turtle Bay, which is gorgeous West Indian food, and my friends spoiled me with a beautiful Lapis and Sugilite bracelet and some fantastic stationary. I had a lovely time, arriving home on the second but last train just a little bit tipsy. 

Then, last night, I finally got to eat at the Copper Horse in Seamer, which I have been saying I will do for a long time. We had our table booked for 8pm, and I started with one of their beautiful Espresso Martini's. It's funny, I'm not such a big cocktail drinker any more, but if I know that somewhere will prepare a fresh cocktail with quality ingredients, then it's an indulgence that I look forward to. The Copper Horse is one of those places, and the cocktail didn't disappoint. 

Espresso Martini and vintage handbag

I love the decor at the Copper Horse, it has various higgledy piggledy dining areas and perfect lighting which creates an intimate feel. The whole place is a shrine to vintage stage and screen, and even the ladies has giant pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor in them. It was the perfect setting for my little birthday meal. 

The copper horse seamer

Once we'd ordered, we were served complimentary fresh bread with amazing homemade garlic butter, and then the main courses arrived. My Salmon fillet was cooked to perfection and the potatoes were absolutely beautiful. There was just a perfect amount too, I was happily full by the end of it. 

The Mr. had a gorgeous looking vegetarian feast of leek, potato and cheese bake, which was presented so beautifully. Neither of us could contemplate a dessert, but the lovely laid back atmosphere of the pub meant that we didn't have to rush off either. 

The staff were so friendly and it's a venue that I would definitely return to another time. 

vintage style blogger

Today, which is my actual birthday, but after the excitement of the past few days it's been a fairly understated affair. I did open my wonderful presents though which included a gorgeous new leather handbag (as you all know, I am a total handbag addict), a beautiful Dior compact mirror to add to my vast compact collection, and some other delightful gifts. It's been an absolute perfect birthday and if my year ahead is as good as this birthday has been then it will be a very happy year. 


  1. Happy birthday Louise! So pleased you had such a wonderful run up to your big day x

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a wonderful time. you look stunning in that first photo. xxx

  3. I'm very late, but sound like you had a fantastic birthday Louise. :)
    You look beautiful in all your pictures and that kimono is amazing!
    Copper Horse is still on my list, hopefully by the end of the year I will of eaten



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