Monday, 20 February 2017

Not Quite Valentines Date

Valentines day this year was something of a disaster. There were a few reasons, thankfully none of them relationship related, but the fact that Mr. was miles away on a training course certainly put a dampner on things too. That's why we decided to celebrate Valentines on the previous Saturday.

I've heard a few bloggers and couples comment, especially when they've been together for some years, that they don't 'do' Valentines day. Each to their own though, I quite like it, so does the Mr. We most definitely 'do' Valentines day.

Kitted out in our Vintage finery
Wearing: Shoes - Irregular Choice, Bag - Vintage, Dress - Vintage, Fascinator - Gift

We didn't really do much in the day, other than exchange our gifts. He'd bought two new millinery books for me (I feel a new craft coming on) and I'd bought him a new shirt. Rock 'n' roll, I know. Anyway, that evening I had booked us a table at a local Indian restaurant. We got super glammed up in our vintage finery, and set off there fairly early and I was really surprised by how busy it was. What a good job I had booked.

We enjoyed a set meal, which was far too large for us. I do love curry, I can quite happily binge on curry, and starting off with Prawn Puri, followed by a whole curry to myself, rice, naan and Saag Aloo, yep, that was a curry binge.
vintage eccentric style

I felt like I needed to be rolled up the road afterwards, but I still didn't turn down the complimentary Cognac at the end of my meal.

We set off to a pub which, we were surprised to find was a bit dead. It's a while since we'd been to it, but there was absolutely nothing going on whatsoever, which was a huge disappointment. Talk about all dressed up with nowhere to go.

We decided to quit that joint, and head off to a new swanky wine bar that we'd heard about on the posh side of town. Now, I love a swanky wine bar, but the hubby can be a bit hit and miss. Imagine my surprise though when he loved it just as much as I did. That's certainly testimony to the atmosphere that the bar had.

It was buzzing. Of course, I think it helped that the Mr. seemed to attract a hipster fanclub because of his beard and the way he was dressed. They were adamant he looked like Christoph Waltz in Django unchained. Yeah, I can see the likeness!

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Eventually we peeled off and braved the cold gales rattling in off the North sea and headed home. We had a fabulous night, and whilst it wasn't Valentines day, it was our Valentines day, and it couldn't have been any better.

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  1. You both look fantastic in your finery! I bet you turned a few heads.
    That curry is massive, it would last me for days! xxx


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